Mold Testing & Inspection Services

  • Complete mold investigation of your home, rental property, school, or business designed to identify sources and instances of moisture intrusion and to detect mold,
  • Our findings, conclusions, recommendations, and digital color photographs are assembled into a complete, written report,
  • We use the best moisture detection instruments, digital hygrometers, and Zefon Bio-Pumps® and Zefon Air-O-Cells® (for airborne mold spore samples)

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Residential Mold Testing Services

Our mold inspections and house mold testing services involve the use of our extensive knowledge of mold and mildew (black mold, black toxic mold, Stachybotrys, and other molds) and the conditions conducive to home mold growth as well as building construction, air flows, building materials, and heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Residential Mold Testing

Commerical Mold Testing Services

A primary goal of Smart Mold Testing is to promote environmental well-being and human health and safety in indoor workspaces. Indoor mold growth or mold growth inside air-conditioning systems and duct work can cause significant air quality problems in an office or retail environment.

Commercial Mold Testing

Real Estate Mold Testing Services

For most people, a home is a major investment. Construction defects, contractor errors, and poor maintenance can cause water problems in homes. And, water or moisture in a home can lead to mold.

Real Estate Mold Testing

Mold Inspection & Detection Services

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